Principal Investigator

Siobhan Brady

Associate Professor

HHMI Faculty Scholar
Siobhan Brady maps the gene networks that regulate the development of plant roots. Comparing these networks in different cell types across different species, including important crops such as tomato and sorghum, reveals how some plants adapt to frequent droughts and other harsh environmental conditions.

The Scientists

Alex Canto-Pastor


Physiological changes in the tomato root system during arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi colonization.

Anne-Maarit Bagman

Lab Manager

Mapping plant gene regulatory networks.

Chao Bian

Postdoctoral Scholar

Genetic and epigenetic engineering of N-related traits.

Concepcion Manzano

Postdoctoral Fellow - Marie Skłodowska Curie Fellowship

Molecular mechanisms controlling endodermis and exodermis differentiation in tomato roots.

Don Gibson

PhD Student

Identifying genes controlling Arabidopsis and Tomato root development.

Dorota Kawa


Studying Sorghum interactions with Striga at the level of root system and cellular architecture and root transcriptome.

G. Alex Mason


Characterizing changes in the S. lycopersicum chromatin landscape associated with root development.

Jiregna Daksa

PhD Student Co-Supervised with Addis Ababa University

Characterizing the influence of the microbiome on Sorghum root system architecture, cellular anatomy and the transcriptome in the presence of the parasite, Striga hermonthica.

Joel Rodriguez-Medina

PhD Student

go GRNs!

Lidor Shaar-Moshe


The role of selective barriers in the root and shoot to salinity acclimation in tomato.

Michelle Tang

PhD Student co-supervised with Dan Kliebenstein

Constructing a modular network of transcriptional regulation of primary metabolism.

Mona Gouran

PhD Student

Characterization of xylem molecular and cell wall epitope profiles in S. lyopersicum and S. pennellii

Torgeir Hvidsten

Sabbatical Professor

Torgeir R. Hvidsten is a professor in bioinformatics at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and is currently spending his sabbatical in the Brady Lab. His research focuses on utilizing large genomics datasets to model how genes interact in regulatory networks and how such networks give rise to properties characteristic to individuals and species. He specifically works on the regulatory network underlying wood formation to better understand the evolution of trees and what it means to be a tree.

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